Ruff'ton Brewhouse

An Idea is Born

The idea of Ruff’ton Brewhouse has been “brewing” for a decade. From 2003 to 2014 the idea has undergone many changes.

In 2003, the original idea was born. At that point, the idea was more along the lines of a pub. In 2007, it had expanded into brewing the beer we sold in the pub, ourselves. Since then, there have been may 10 gallon batches of home brew produced and consumed on the back porch.

Rutherford County’s First Brewery

Ruffton_Brewhouse_Logo2014 rolls around, and after 11 years of planning, the idea began to be a reality. Rutherford County’s first brewery was born. Our mission is to provide our customers with fresh, local brewed beer and a relaxing and fun atmosphere to enjoy it in.

Our logo has both personal and local meaning. It is a tribute to our best friend, Merlin, the Great Dane who passed away in 2013 at the ripe old age of 9. We are animal lovers, so honoring our best friend is important to us.

Since Rutherfordton has been pronounced many different ways, we wanted to embrace the community, and  the “Ruff’ton” pronunciation.